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Mini dairies

The Priamo basic mini dairies are complete systems comprising all the essential equipment for starting to turn milk into cheese and other dairy products on a small scale. The mini dairies are suitable for use by small- to medium-sized farming businesses wishing to optimize and add value to the milk they produce by transforming it into dairy products and cheeses.

The basic Priamo mini dairy comprises: steam generators, a multipurpose mini coagulation vat, trolleys for collecting and draining the curd, a pump for handling the milk and whey. The main source of heat for the mini dairy is steam to optimize the yield in the production of both kind of cheese and ricotta. The multipurpose mini coagulation vat can also be used to pasteurize the milk used to make cheese, and for the production of ricotta.

Priamo Food Technologies follows up its customers from the design stage to the technical management of their cheese production.

The mini dairies can be customized to suit the various types of milk (goats, cows, sheep, buffalo) and the capacity of the multipurpose mini coagulation vat ranges from 200 to 600 L.

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