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Ecoflot batch flotators for wine clarification

Della Toffola’s EcoFlot units have been designed to perform a flotation process in a single tank.

Flotation is a very widespread practice used for juices and wine clarification, ready for subsequent fermentation or concentration stages. The must is treated with an adjuvant (bentonite, gelatin, silica sol) to break down its colloidal reticular structure, then saturated with nitrogen or air so as to entrain all the lees it contains up to the surface.

The Ecoflot flotator is a machine suitable for clarifying grape must while it is pumping over, using only one tank, thus ensuring an effective and economically advantageous flotation process. This type of flotator for wine clarification is highly versatile because once the liquid has been saturated while the must is pumping over, a sample is collected to analyze the quality of the product: if this is still not adequate, pumping over and saturation can continue for as long as necessary.

Models operating at 6 bar - S1 (170 hl/h) S2 (330 hl/h) S3 (510 hl/h).
MADE by Della Toffola

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