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Storage tanks for cider

These maturing tanks are designed to contain the apple juice after the fermentation process and they are used at a working pressure of 0.5-1 bar.

The juice is stored at a temperature below 5°C. The residual sugars at the end of the fermentation process enable a natural carbonation and the pressure level is maintained by means of a controlled delivery of carbon dioxide.

The tanks for storing cider are top-quality,  safe and extremely practical. They are manufactured paying great attention to the materials, components and production processes, and made entirely of AISI 304L-316L stainless steel, or carbon steel. All the tanks are fitted with a special hollow space for the circulation of glycol, assuring an optimal heat exchange and a considerable energy saving.

Every tank is tested and certified at every stage of production, including inspections on the materials and weldings, and a final test in accordance with the PED directive, to ensure that the product is suitable, highly reliable and durable. 

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