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Della Toffola’s Biothermo is a complete system for conducting a process of thermovinification  - a rapid, in-depth anthocyanin extraction treatment.

Thermovinification is an increasingly widely used enological treatment that, by heating the crushed grapes,  enables a huge improvement in the extraction of their color. This solution is particularly suitable for the vinification of red grapes and ideal for obtaining wines for drinking young.

The system consists of three main components: a storage tank; an immersion circuit with a boiler for heating the crushed grapes; and a maceration tank. The whole process takes place very quickly, in a  continuous cycle with limited operating costs. But, more importantly,  it guarantees constantly excellent results and the utmost respect for the products, which preserve all their original properties.

After maceration for just 45 minutes, the must is ready for vinification without the grape skins in normal tanks. There is no need to use complicated vinifiers because the color has already been extracted to perfection.

Available in models with capacities of  1.5 to 60 tons/hour,  the system is easy to integrate and also adaptable to existing wineries and systems.
MADE by Della Toffola

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