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Roll Linear Labelling Machines

Roll-linear labellers are hot-melt linear labellers that apply plastic or paper wrap-around labels from a reel on cylindrical containers, either empty or full.

The servomotor in the labelling unit accurately controls the stretching of the film, which is unwound, cut and transferred to the container with vacuum technology.The stainless steel glue roll distributes the glue on the edges of the labels. The roll’s design ensures a minimum consumption of glue.

Main fields of application: beverages, mineral water, food, milk, chemical

Production speed: from 3.000 to 15.000 bph with one labelling unit.

Roll-linear labellers main features:

- The glue roll is operated by a servomotor and secured to the horizontal mobile support that moves back and forth in relation to the presence of the bottle that needs to the labelled (no bottle no label)
- The glue tank has a new filtering system that prevents any labelling residues from entering and obstructing the supply
- The double reel support is operated by servomotors. It allows you to process a wide range of materials differing in quality and thickness.
- Servomotor-operated infeed screw (if necessary)
- Conveyor belt synchronized with the labeling speed of the machine

Optional features:

- Automatic reel splicing for continuous operation
- Drying or heat-shrinking tunnel
- Hercules, vertical reel loading system
- Labelling quality control system

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