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CSD premix systems

The PREMIX is a complete system for preparing carbonated soft drinks by mixing a syrup with deaerated water and then inducing the solution’s carbonation.

The two or more ingredients are mixed together in variable proportions established by the operator, depending on the type of end result required. After completing the mixing stage, the solution is placed in a pressure container previously saturated with carbon dioxide and, while inside the system, the product absorbs a preset amount of carbon dioxide.

The system has a solid structure and top-quality components that enables total control over the process and the end result, with the opportunity to choose between various degrees of carbonation. The phases involved in the process include: deaeration of the water, dosage and mixing of the water and syrup, carbonation, cooling (if necessary) and forwarding to the bottling phase. It is simple to use thanks to the plc with touchscreen control, and it assures extreme precision in the dosage of water/syrup, guaranteed by the electronic mixing unit with a double flow meter.

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