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CIP (Clean-In-Place) systems

CIP (Clean-In-Place) systems are used for cleaning the equipment used in the production of beverages, beer, cider, fruit juices, foodstuffs, dairy products, pharmaceutical products, and generally in all those sectors that demand high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

The CIP systems are available in a manual and an automatic version. They enable the preparation of washing solutions and they manage the whole washing process for the various types of equipment in a fully automated cycle.

The automatic versions of the CIP systems are equipped with a plc with dedicated software and a touchscreen control panel that makes them extremely easy to use. Recipes can be saved and numerous parameters (type of washing, temperature, washing and rinsing cycle times, concentrations of acid/alkaline solutions, etc.) can be selected, with the assurance of an absolutely precise compliance with the specifications.

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