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Rotary vacuum filters for fruit juices

The rotary vacuum filters made by Della Toffola have been designed and manufactured for the effective filtering of fruit juices, as well as a variety of products in the beverage, foodstuffs, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors, wine, lees, and byproducts of winemaking in general.

The rotary vacuum filters (also called drum filters) enable an efficient filtering in a continuous cycle with perfect results. A scraper blade eliminates the waste substances with every turn of the drum, while the separate extraction of the filtered liquid from that of the air reduces the formation of foam and the oxidation of the filtered product.

These Della Toffola rotary drum filters are quick and easy to set up and start: all inspections and adjustments are managed entirely electronically by means of a single electric control panel and the formation of the filter cake is quick and trouble-free: in less than 30 minutes the machine is ready to start work.

Della Toffola’s technology foresees a single sector where the vacuum is formed, ensuring a homogeneous process and increasing the hourly production rate. It is also possible to inspect the drum to ensure its utmost cleanliness and accurate sterilization.

These filters are made entirely of stainless steel and are available in models with a filtering surface from 2.5 to 6 m².

Also available with an internal pump for filtering surface areas from 10 to 80 m².
MADE by Della Toffola

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