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Designed to ensure a perfect cleaning of containers before the filling stage, these rotary rinsing and sterilizing machines made by AVE-Technologies are a perfect combination of reliability, precision and advanced technology.

They are completely automatic and made in different versions based on the required hourly output (from 3000 to 90,000 bottles per hour) and the type of container to be treated. They work with glass, plastic and ceramic containers of all shapes and sizes, and they can be adapted and customized according to each client’s needs. They can complete the following processes: rinsing with hot or cold water; sterilizing with water and SO2, which may be recycled or drained off. The system can be used for rinsing bottles with wine, in association with a suitable recycling system comprising a pump and filter.

Made entirely of stainless steel and high-strength, corrosion-proof materials, these systems are complete with automatic controls and safety devices that guarantee maximum respect for the product and total operator safety.

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